VOLT Associés assists Grand Large Yachting and its founders with its capital reorganization

VOLT Associés has assisted Grand Large Yachting and its founders with its capital reorganization.

Grand Large Yachting is a group of French shipyards dedicated to the manufacture of top-of-the-range ocean-going sailing yachts of international reputation.

This transaction is part of a capital reorganization, and in particular the exit of Pechel, which has supported the group’s growth since 2019, and the entry into the capital of RAISE Invest, Epopée Gestion and iXO PE.

For VOLT Associés, the corporate (Lucas d’Orgeval, Hervé Bied-Charreton, Jade Houzé) and tax (Stéphane Letranchant and Gontran Souweine) teams were involved.

With the assistance of Invest Corporate Finance (Christophe Marchand, Tom Auvray, Maxime Noël and Tristan d’Harcourt); Pechel was advised by Goodwin (Christophe Digoy, David Diamant and Lorraine de Groote); RAISE Invest was supported by Pragma Partners (Timothée Brunello, Yann Auregan, Blagovesta Chalakova and Laure Delbreil) while TGS (Gauthier Verdon) assisted Epopée Gestion.