VOLT Associés assists Sewan Group and its founders with its refinancing and capital reorganization

Sewan, one of France’s leading players in information and communication technologies on the B2B market, offers fixed and mobile telephony, messaging, data, collaborative work, hosting and cloud services, through an extensive network of distribution partners in 5 European countries.

This transaction, financed by Blackrock with the participation of Artemid as well as by the issue of revival bonds subscribed by Audacia, also enabled Kartésia to complete its investment in the Sewan group initially made in 2019.

This new structured financing will enable Sewan to pursue its expansion in France and Europe, in line with its latest external growth operations (notably the acquisition of Dutch telecom operator Pocos in April 2023).

For VOLT Associés, the corporate (Emmanuel Vergnaud, Iyad El Boriny and Kevin Danga), tax (Stéphane Letranchant and Massimo Berti) and financing (François Jubin and Marianne Phankongsy) teams were involved.

Rothschild & Co (Grégory Fradelizi, Alexandre Duhem and Matteo Le Neveu), Blackrock and Artemid were advised by Goodwin (Adrien Paturaud, Benjamin Filiatre, Rayan Chudhary and Ambre Ronnel), Kartésia was supported by de Pardieu Brocas Maffei (Matthieu Candia, Priscilla Van den Perre, Baptiste Tigaud and Enguerrand Maloisel), while TGS (Gauthier Verdon) assisted Audacia.

Rankings Best Lawyers 2024

Congratulations to Lucas d’Orgeval, Emmanuel Vergnaud and Alexis Rapp, who once again feature in the “Best Lawyers” ranking. Congratulations also to François Jubin, who joins the ranking less than two years after being promoted to Counsel.